About Us:

A quality brand offers quality products as a result. At Bertollo, this story is no different!

Bertollo produces all its equipment thinking both about the satisfaction of those who use its machines, as well as that of the final consumer who will enjoy the ice cream.

His philosophy is not to sell machines, but to sell quality.

In addition, it seeks the commitment to be a competitive company, which seeks continuous improvement, meeting the expectations of our customers, within the highest team spirit and ethics.

Machine Bertollo - Ice Cream Machines



Sales: +5516 2107-2152 / +5516 99743-8646 (WhatsApp) - vendas@bertollo.com.br

Technical Support: +5516 2107-2155 / 2107-2156 / 2107-2158 / 2107-2162 - assistencia1@bertollo.com.br

Financial: +5516 2107-2199 - Fax: +5516 2107-2160 - av.bert@bertollo.com.br

Address: 440 Giácomo Nutti Avenue - Pq Industrial CEAT. São Paulo - SP

SAC: +5516 2107-2166 - sac@bertollo.com.br

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